Professional Eye Beauty Treatments

At our premier beauty salon, we offer a wide range of services, including professional eye beauty treatments. Among our many services, we provide expertly shaped eyebrows and beautifully tinted eyelashes to enhance your natural beauty and give you a polished and stunning look.

Treatment pricing

Our expert technicians are skilled in a variety of professional eye beauty treatments to meet your specific needs:

Eyebrow Tint £13
Eyebrow Shape £21
Eyebrow Shape and Tint £31
Eyelash Tint £18
Eyelash Perm £45
Eyelash Perm and Tint £56

Professional Eye beauty treatments

All eyelash and eyebrow tinting services require a Colourstart Passport Click here for full details.

Eyelash Perming will require an allergy test at least 48 hours before every treatment.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Enhance your eyes with our tinting services, an essential part of our professional eye beauty treatments. Both eyelash and eyebrow tinting provide long-lasting solutions to give your brows and lashes a fuller, darker appearance without the need for daily makeup. Our process includes:

•       Selecting a tint colour that complements your natural lashes and brows
•       Applying the tint safely and effectively
•       Ensuring even coverage for bold, beautiful results
•       A relaxing experience with visible improvements in minutes

Eyebrow Shaping with Lycon Hot Wax

Our eyebrow shaping service is a key part of our professional eye beauty treatments. We use Lycon wax, renowned for its gentle yet effective hair removal properties, ensuring a comfortable experience and precise results.

Lycon wax is a premium product known for removing even the shortest and most stubborn hairs without causing irritation. It is ideal for sensitive areas like the eyebrows, providing a gentle touch while delivering superior results. Lycon wax offers:

– Less pain and discomfort during the waxing process
– Reduced risk of skin irritation and redness
– Long-lasting results with smooth, hair-free skin
– Superior performance, making it a favourite among beauty professionals

You will need to visit the salon at least 48 hours before your waxing appointment for an allergy test.

Eyelash Perming

For naturally curled lashes that last, try our eyelash perming service. This treatment curls and lifts your lashes, giving your eyes a more open and youthful appearance. Our process involves:

•       A consultation to determine the desired curl level
•       Applying a safe perm solution to gently curl your lashes
•       Ensuring even, long-lasting results for beautifully curled lashes
•       Minimal maintenance with results that can last up to eight weeks

You will need to visit us in the salon at least 48 hours before your perming appointment for an allergy test.

Our commitment to providing top-notch professional eye beauty treatments ensures that you leave our salon looking and feeling your best. Our trained and experienced staff use high-quality products and the latest techniques to deliver exceptional results.

Click here to Book your appointment today and discover the transformative power of our professional eye beauty treatments. Whether you’re looking for perfect brows, beautifully tinted lashes, or a complete eye makeover, we have the skills and expertise to make your vision a reality.