We offer a range of unique massage treatments that are personal to your own body needs

Swedish –

Back, Neck & Shoulders – £36

Full Body – £53

This massage is great for everyone as it is relaxing, yet beneficial, for your muscles

Deep Tissue –

Back, Neck & Shoulders – £41

Full Body – £56

Working deeper into the muscles and releasing the body of everyday stress and tension

Aromatherapy –

Back, Neck & Shoulders – £44

Full Body – £61

Fall into deep relaxation with special blended aromatherapy oils to suit your personal needs

Hotstone –

Back, Neck & Shoulders – £49

Full Body – £78

Hotstones is a specialty massage where heated stones are used to warm up tight muscles, allowing them to be worked on more deeply and quicker

Bamboo –

Back, Neck & Shoulders – £49

Full Body – £78

Discover the art of warm bamboo massage, our latest addition to our massage therapies. Infused with franjipani & coconut oil, this deep tissue massage will awaken your senses, relieve tight muscles and calm your mind.

Reflexology –

45 minutes – £47

A specialist treatment, originating from ancient Egypt, which helps to heal the entire body through specific pressure points in the soles of the feet. Reflexology has a whole range of different benefits for the mind, body and spirit, working on all systems of your body to deep cleanse and detoxify, reset your equilibrium and calm and stabilize your mood and emotions helping with anxiety and depression.

Indian Head Massage –

30 minutes – £32

This 30 minute treatment helps aid release of tension in the muscles and joints of the head, neck, face and shoulders. Indian head massage can also help with relieving fatigue, insomnia, headaches and sinusitis. It is deeply calming and relaxing, leaving a feeling of increased energy, concentration and revitalization.

For a little bit of extra pampering, add either a 15 minute foot massage or a 15 minute head and scalp massage to any facial treatment for an extra £16