An allergy test will be required before your first visit to us for spray tanning.

Please call us to arrange this.

Sienna x is one of the UKs most popular high rated spray tan solution for its;

  • Natural looking guide colour
  • Instant glow
  • Multiple benefit ingredients
  • Extensive range of solutions to suit all skin types
  • Used by celebrities
  • Lasting durability
  • Luxurious moisturising feel


Full Body – £30

Half Body – £21

Follow these simple steps to get the best results from your spray tanning session!


The day before your tan

Remove any unwanted hair the day before applying your tan to allow pores plenty of time to close, tan in your pores will leave you with a ‘dotty’ finish

Paint your nails and toenails, particularly if you have acrylic extensions! Not only will this leave you feeling even more pampered but it will also prevent your nails and cuticles from being stained.

Buff away dead skin cells with Polishing Body Scrub to reveal the ultimate smooth base for your tan. Pay particular attention to dry areas such as elbows, knees and feet. Then use Radiance Body Balm to rehydrate your skin and leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. The pH-balanced formula will also encourage a better result from your tan.

On the day of your tan

On the day of your tan, don’t apply deodorant, perfume or body lotion as these act as a barrier and stop tan from developing properly.

Bring dark loose clothing and flip flops or loose fitting shoes. The tan will wash out of most clothing, but may stain lighter coloured items, especially nylon.

If you wear, contact lenses please remove these as the tan may stain or contaminate the lenses.

After the tan

If possible, please avoid any sports or exercise which may cause perspiration and avoid getting wet prior to washing off the guide colour as this will affect your tanning results.

You will need to leave the tan to develop for 8 to 10 hours before showering, use siennaX balance body wash for best results. Avoid having your shower or bath too hot as this will decrease the lifetime of the tan.

Hands feet and face will fade quicker than other body areas, you can top these areas up with express tanning mist from siennaX.

Remember the tan is NOT a SPF so don’t forget to still apply you sun protection.