Updated as of 12th May 2020 and subject to change

Latest Developments involve –

Current proposed opening date 4/7/20 (Subject to change) , Online booking live from 26/5/20, Drive through Patch Testing, Guests asked to wear masks when visiting. See below for more detail.


Dear Guest,

We want to let you know that we are doing all we possibly can to keep you and our team safe during the Covid-19 outbreak. The latest Government advice is that 4/7/20 will be the earliest Hair and Beauty salons will be able to open however this is a prediction and is subject to change as we get closer to it.

Once the salon is allowed to reopen following Government guidelines there will be new measures in place which we have outlined below:

When the salon is first open there will be a huge demand for guests to book appointments to see us, for this reason –

We ask that you book your own appointments online

It will not be possible for us to call all of our guests to get their appointments booked in or take calls to make appointments as this could cause us to run behind with our client and we don’t have the space for people to wait to be seen. We therefore are asking that you first try booking through our online booking widget which is on a side bar to the right of this screen.

At this moment in time we will not be taking any bookings until 26/5/20 as hopefully we will have more of an idea by this time of whether the current suggested opening date of 4/7/20 is going to be feasible or not.

If you have any difficulties using the online booking system, you can call us on 01622 631 505 however our line may be very busy so please bear with us.

We will be running a limited service menu

To ensure everyone gets seen as quickly and fairly as possible and that the team do not run behind we will be running a limited service menu which will be set out below with prices, this will also make it more simple for you to book online and for the time being we will only be carrying out maintenance colours which will be Half head foils and Root tints.


To keep to safe distancing rules –

We will have new opening hours

We can only have 3 hair stylists working at any one time. For this to work we have had to adjust our opening times and hours that your stylist would normally work, you will see available times when you try to book your appointment we will now also be opening Mondays until we see a time when we can review the safe distancing situation.

We can only see ONE CHILD with ONE ACCOMPANYING ADULT at a time

We have a separate area upstairs where we will be able to cut children’s hair as there is enough space for their accompanying adult to stay without causing social distancing issues in the salon.

You may not bring any one to the salon with you

Unless absolutely necessary (in the case of carers etc) you will not be able to bring any other person with you for your appointment, this includes your own children, please make alternative arrangements for their care whilst you are visiting.

We will not be carrying out Facial/Massage services

We feel it would be irresponsible to carry out luxury services which involve very close and more intimate touch and also cannot see a way of being able to keep this completely sterile whilst still being luxurious as laundry between every guest would be difficult to keep up with whilst the team are very busy elsewhere.

You will only be seen by one therapist/stylist for the whole appointment

This will limit the contact you have with others to an absolute minimum

We cannot let you in the building until your allotted appointment time

Please do not enter the building until you are invited in as there is not enough space inside the building to wait and maintain safe social distance.

We will operate a drive in Patch testing system

Patch testing will still be a necessary part of working practice. To facilitate this we will ask that you fill out a consultation form which will be emailed to you when you book an appointment which requires a patch test, once this is done we will ask you to call us to find out if it is necessary for you to have a patch test before your appointment and arrange for you to visit where you will be handed a small amount of product to place behind your ear, this will need to be left on for 48 hours and we will only be able to carry out the service after those 48 hours have elapsed

We will have a separate entrance and exit doors

To avoid congestion points in the salon we will only be allowing guests in through the front door and you will exit through the rear door which leads from the main hair salon and straight in to the car park, one of our team will show you out when you’re ready to leave.

Advanced PPE and Cleaning procedures –

All surfaces that have been touched by anybody entering the building will be cleaned between each guest

All tools used will be sanitised between each guest

We have invested in more ultraviolet sterilisation tools, more cleaning products and more single use tools and equipment

We will be using the highest level of PPE that it is possible to use and acquire at this time, this includes face masks, face shields and gloves, and will all depend also on government guidelines on what is expected.

We cannot at this time serve drinks in the salon, please feel free to bring one with you but we ask that you take the container home with you after your visit.


Price increase effective immediately

Due to the huge cost increase of supplying PPE, disposable equipment, sanitation tools, needing to allow extra time between each guest for cleaning, and potentially on guests first visit needing to use extra amounts of hair colouring products on each guest due to the time between their last visit it has been unavoidable for us to need to put our prices up.

We cannot expect our guests to take the full cost of this as we know that some of you will also have undoubtedly been affected financially by the Covid-19 outbreak therefore we have kept the increase to a maximum of 5% on all services.

However we will still be running our colour promotion on Wednesdays, as we know some of you will be used to paying this price and again cannot expect you to take the hit of such a large increase, however it has been unavoidable to reduce the discount to 30%. If it is at all possible and you feel that you personally can afford to pay full price please try and leave these days free for those that may not be able to but that is entirely at your discretion. As Wendy will not be working on Wednesdays currently the colour promotion for her guests will run on a Tuesday.

Please click here to see temporary Hair Services Menu and temporary Beauty Treatment Menu.

Please note we will be taking card payments only and won’t be able to accept cash payments at this time

We ask that you wear a protective face mask during your visit if possible and DO NOT come to your appointment if you are feeling unwell, have a temperature or have been in contact with anyone with suspected symptoms or confirmed case of Covid-19, in this case please contact us to rearrange your appointment.

It has caused us great anguish to put all these measures in place as we love being a friendly welcoming salon going above and beyond to make you comfortable and relaxed however it is unavoidable at this time and we hope you can feel comfortable and relaxed in a different way that we have these measures in place and you are in safe hands and as always we will strive to go above and beyond to deliver the best treatment we possibly can.

Thank you for your continued loyalty through these hard times, we can’t wait to see you all again soon!


The Oast Team