At The Oast there isn’t much we are more passionate about than quality, which is why we have selected great lengths hair extensions to be the only brand we work with. Hair extensions can create volume or add colour as well as length without any damaging effects to your own natural hair using the scientifically proven synthetic keratin bond.

With Great Lengths we can guarantee that the hair used is 100% human, 100% ethical and 100% traceable to its origin.

Great Lengths hair is sourced from a Hindu temple in Tiramula, India where it’s donated in a process called “tonsuring” as a symbol of thanks by the many families, women and men who visit every year, the hair is then sold to Great Lengths at a fair and reasonable price and the money goes straight back to the community who use it for building temples, medical buildings and schools.

The hair is then specially treated, coloured and prepared in Italy making sure the colouring process does not damage the cuticle in any way and the hair is always kept root to point correct meaning the hair sits so naturally no one will know you’re wearing extensions.

As this service is 100% tailored to each individual client please pop in for a consultation where with 60 different colours to choose from we can find an exact colour match and give you a personalised quote.