Cut and Finish –

From £38 Please click here for further details.

A Standby can be booked for £25 up to an hour in advance if an appointment is available, you will need to call us to arrange this.

Eyebrow Waxing –

Lycon Hotwax £19

Whether you want just a tidy up or a complete reshape, eyebrow waxing leaves you with a smooth sleek finish.

We only use Lycon Hotwax on the face which will remove even shorter hairs for a tidier look and also a more gentle and pain free experience.

Eyebrow Tinting –


If your eyebrows are fading away bring them back to life with an eyebrow tint to cover those greys!

Lycon Waxing –

Back & Chest £56

Waxing is the best way to remove any unwanted hair quickly leaving you with a silky smooth finish.

We recommend Lycon wax for the best finish and mostly pain free experience, it can remove hairs as short as 1mm for a smoother and longer lasting result especially when used with the great range of aftercare products


Not brave enough to have both?

Back Only – £36

Chest Only – £36

Mens Facials –

£34 for 30 minutes, £63 for 1 hour

Our skin professionals will examine your skin providing you with a relaxing yet knowledgeable treatment leaving you feeling good inside and out.

Spray Tanning –


Get that sun kissed look all year around with our sienna x tan, our tans look so natural, no one will know!

Need a body building tan?  you’ll need to be double dipped. Come back the following day for your second coat – £38 for both coats

Manicures & Pedicures –

£27 each

Whether you work in the office or on a building site keep your hands and feet looking fresh at all times with our male manicures and pedicures.