For hair colouring at the Oast Hair and Beauty, we are proud to use Davines products, where sustainability, innovation, and superior quality redefine the hair colour experience. Dive into a realm where eco-conscious practices drive every aspect, from responsibly sourced ingredients to eco-friendly packaging. Our groundbreaking formulations, backed by relentless research, promise vibrant, long-lasting colour without compromising hair health. With a diverse range of products tailored to individual needs, Davines offers unparalleled customization, ensuring every client receives a personalized touch. Trusted by salon professionals globally, Davines stands as a testament to excellence and reliability. More than just beauty, we prioritize holistic well-being, crafting products that nourish and protect hair from root to tip. Elevate your hair colour journey with Davines – where luxury meets sustainability, and innovation ignites beauty. Join us and experience the transformative power of Davines firsthand.

All hair colour services require a Colourstart Passport Click here for full details.

This will need to be done at least five days prior to your appointment.

The prices displayed below are a general guide. As every hair colour is unique, there may be added costs involved if extra time or product is needed. For an exact quote, please book a consultation before your colour visit to discuss your hair colour goals and how our talented stylists will achieve them.

Semi Permanent Colour

Discover Davines View Semi-Permanent Color for vibrant, customizable hues that nourish and enhance your hair. With a gentle formula and a spectrum of shades, achieve stunning results without compromising hair health. Elevate your look with Davines View – beauty that’s both bold and caring.

Danni – £35

Claire – £52

Rebecca – £54

Ashley – £56

Wendy – £59

Permanent Regrowth Tint

Refresh your roots with our permanent regrowth tint using Davines Mask to cover greys or change your colour to something more vibrant. Add on an optional end refresh for a complete revitalization. Achieve seamless color and vibrant locks effortlessly. Book your appointment today!

Danni – £45

Claire – £62

Rebecca – £65

Ashley – £67

Wendy – £69

Foiling services

Enhance your hair colour experience with expertly applied foils for instant allure. Our skilled stylists personalize your colour to perfection, offering options for subtle refinement or bold changes. Select from half-head or full-head foil treatments, and for added depth or to cover greys, incorporate a regrowth tint. With meticulous attention to detail, we guarantee seamless blending and breathtaking results. Schedule your appointment today and let your hair radiate with vibrant colour and undeniable beauty.

Half-head foils

Danni – £75

Claire – £94

Rebecca – £98

Ashley – £100

Wendy – £102

Half-head foils and regrowth tint

Danni – £95

Rebecca – £117

Claire – £111 

Ashley – £119

Wendy – £124

Full Head Foils 

Danni – £85

Claire – £117

Rebecca – £122

Ashley – £124

Wendy – £135

Full Head Foils & Regrowth Tint

Danni – £100

Claire – £133

Rebecca – £139

Ashley – £141

Wendy – £152

Bleached Out

A full head of bleach painted on scalp

Claire – £72

Rebecca – £75

Ashley – £77

Wendy – £92


Balayage is a highly skilled service which is mainly used to lighten the mid lenghts and ends of the hair to create a seamless blend from root to tip, there are various different methods of achieving different balayage looks dependant on the starting result and the desired result. To get an accurate price for this we recommend a consultation with one of our stylists who can discuss this with you.

From £106