At the Oast, the safety of our guests is our main priority. We take allergy testing very seriously and only use the Colourstart Passport system for testing for allergies to hair colourants.

The Colourtsart patch is MHRA approved and the safest, most effective way to detect an allergy to hair colourants without exposing you to excessive amounts of PPD.

PPD (or para-phenylenediamine) is the active ingredient in most hair colours which can cause an allergic reaction. The Colourstart patch test only contains 65 micrograms of PPD, which is enough to detect an allergic reaction but a tiny amount compared to a blob of hair colour behind the ear.

Colourstart Passport helps you decide if it is safe to carry out a Colourstart allergy test by asking a few simple screening questions. Your passport confidentially stores the answers to your questions and any pictures you have taken of your test result.

You can share your results with us through the platform and use your passport at any other participating hair or beauty salon.

If you are visiting us for hair colour, an eyelash tint or an eyebrow tint, we will ask you to sign up for the Colourstart passport scheme.

Below are simple step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

Colourstart Passport

Step One

Create an account on the Colourstart website. You can also download the app from there to make future appointments easier.

Step Two

Answer the simple screening questionnaire to check if you can use the product.
Once you are told it is ok to use Colourstart, click below to purchase your patch online or visit the salon and pick it up if you prefer. There is a one-off charge of £15 per patch.

Click here to Purchase

Step Three - At least 5 days prior to your appointment

When you are ready to apply your patch, sign in to your passport, where you will find full instructions. Please read these carefully.

Select “The Oast Hair & Beauty” from the drop-down menu when asked to share your results with a salon.

You will need to enter the batch number from the back of the outer packaging and upload a photograph when the patch is applied.

You need to do this at least five days before your colour appointment.

Step Four

After 48 hours, it is time to remove your Colourtsart patch. You will get an email to remind you.

Step Five

Watch for any signs of a reaction in the area over the following three days. After this time, you will receive another email asking you to record your results by uploading a photograph.
If there are no signs of a reaction, you are now safe to colour your hair, eyelashes or eyebrows.

Once you have done your initial test, you will need to fill in your screening questionnaire before each visit to the salon. Providing the answers to your screening questions haven’t changed, you will not need to do another patch in future.
For any help using the passport system, you can contact Colourstart directly via their web chat or by calling 0330 3905888.

How to apply your patch