The Oast team is very passionate about the hair colouring products we use and the background behind the family owned Davines brand, with techniques unique to the Davines Mask colour system and a range of 81 different shades we’re confident that our team will be able to create a look you love!

Davines was founded in 1983 in Parma, Italy by the Bollati family who started as a research laboratory creating hair care products for prominent cosmetic companies’ worldwide. After 10 years of refining their expertise they decided to embark on a new adventure and launched their very own Davines hair care products, exclusively for salons, with a goal to create beauty sustainably.

All Colour services require a skin test 48 hours prior to the appointment, we will refuse to perform a colour service on any guest who has not had a skin test or colour service, with us, within the past 6 months.

Semi Permanent Colour

Add shine and pigment to your hair without lifting your natural colour, this means a softer regrowth as the colour gradually fades out, it can help to blend greys (but not cover them totally) add depth and tone to your natural hair colour and leave a brilliant healthy shine!

Claire – £47

Rebecca – £49

Ashley – £51

Wendy – £54

Permanent Regrowth Tint

Davines’ Mask with Vibrachrom delivers a high performing, state of the art and innovative permanent colour whilst taking care of the world we live in using sustainably sourced products to create a high conditioning effect, extra shine and outstanding colour durability and grey coverage without the use of parabens or PPD.

Claire – £56

Rebecca – £59

Ashley – £61

Wendy – £63

Multi Dimensional Colour

A permanent colour with added dimension by using foils to add deeper or lighter shades throughout the top section of your hair

Claire – £101 

Rebecca – £106

Ashley – £108

Wendy – £113

Half Head Foils 

Bring brightness to your face and through the top sections of your hair where the sun would naturally lighten it the most, foils can be customised completely to you with multiple colours for lowlights and highlights either just slightly enhacing your natural colour or totally changing it to reveal your inner blonde!

Claire – £85

Rebecca – £89

Ashley – £91

Wendy – £93

Full Head Foils 

A full head foils will include adding colour to the hair underneath as well, its great for those who use foils for a complete change from their natural colour or those who like to see the dimension running through when they wear their hair up also

Claire – £106

Rebecca – £111

Ashley – £113

Wendy – £123

Full Head Foils & Regrowth Tint

A full head foils with a tint between every foil so all of your hair is coloured with a multidimensional effect

Claire – £121

Rebecca – £126

Ashley – £128

Wendy – £138

Bleached Out

A full head of bleach painted on scalp

Claire – £65

Rebecca – £68

Ashley – £70

Wendy – £84


Balayage is a highly skilled service which is mainly used to lighten the mid lenghts and ends of the hair to create a seamless blend from root to tip, there are various different methods of achieving different balayage looks dependant on the starting result and the desired result. To get an accurate price for this we recommend a consultation with one of our stylists who can discuss this with you.

From £106


For salons across the country allergy testing for hair colour is becoming an increasingly difficult issue due to insurance companies tightening their policies on what needs to be done in order for hair colouring to be carried out safely. Unfortunately this makes the process more of an inconvenience for both our guests and ourselves.

Colourstart have been working in the background to come up with a solution that is both safe for the client, effective for the salon and stylist, and covers all bases when it comes to allergy testing and insurance.

With Colourstart you can do your allergy test at your own convenience without having to come to the salon before every visit and the best part is, it only needs to be done once a year! You simply set up your Colourstart passport by following this link. Fill in the screening questions and share the results with the Oast salon (on the drop down menu) and contact us to purchase your Colourstart patch. You can either come and collect this or we can send it in the post. Once you’ve got your patch read the instructions here.

The patch will need to be applied 5 days before your visit and you will need to log this on your Colourstart passport using the SERIAL NUMBER from the packet.

For future appointments you simply sign in to your passport and fill in the screening questions each time, this will tell you whether you are ok to proceed with your treatment or if you need to do another test (this will be if any of the answers have changed i.e. new medication)


Your Colourstart patch will be charged at £15 per test or retest, (we know it sounds a lot but we strongly believe this is the safest and most effective way to colour in future) The MHRA are giving full support to this scheme and have endorsed it as the safest method of skin testing in the UK.

If you would prefer, we will still be offering the traditional method of applying the product we will be using behind the ear to test for allergies, however, this will only cover you for that specific product range and that specific colour which means you may be disappointed if you decide you fancy a change and we would advise therefore that this should be done 48 hours before every visit.

We encourage all guests that will be using the passport scheme to visit their website and read all the information, if you have difficulties applying the patch or setting up your passport you can call them directly on 03303905888